Scrappy's 黑檸檬苦精147ml

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A "Black Lemon" is an earthy, smoky, spice commonly used in Middle Eastern cooking,
and contrary to what the name suggests, is actually a dehydrated lime, but the name of the spice was a mistranslation from Arabic to English ages ago. Despite not having any actual "black lemon" in this bitters, the bright and fresh lemon flavor has rich floral notes and deep earthy spices that are reminiscent of the "black lemon," hence the name.

“黑檸檬" 是中東烹飪中常用的一種帶有泥土味、煙熏味的香料,與名字所暗示的相反,它實際上是一種脫水酸橙。儘管這款苦味酒中沒有任何真正的 “黑檸檬”,但明亮清新的檸檬味具有豐富的花香和深沉的泥土香料,讓人聯想到“黑檸檬”,因此而聞名。

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